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Reverse NS

Our Reverse NS lookup service is based on our extensive domain database, which we continuously grow. It includes more than 280 mln registered domain names with NS, which is about 99% of all current and new gTLDs and about 90% of ccTLDs.

Reverse NS lookup has several advantages:

You can click on each and view all the data available about the domain owner such as NS records, IP address and MX records. We are constructing a database of SPF records of existing domains that will soon be available as well!

Reverse NS lookup is very efficient when Whois and IP data is private or hidden. You can also find all websites hosted оn the name servers of the hosting providers and use them for competition monitoring, niche marketing, etc.;

In addition, the tool is quite helpful if you want to make an investigation of cyber crimes such as online trademark abuse, financial fraud or identity theft on your domains. You can include Reverse Whois to find all the domains of potential abusers and check for more;

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