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Reverse MX

Тhе Reverse MX lookup provides you with an extensive amount of information! You must simply type in your MX record and you will receive all the domain with that mail server and record.

In addition, the results are interrelated, which means that for every domain you view we present all the information available for it (such as NS, MX, IP, Whois). The database holds more than 280 mln active and registered domains in all ccTLDs and gTLDs. It also includes IP addresses, Whois details, name servers, etc. as well as domains related by NS, IP, or MX.

Keep in mind we refresh the database every two to three weeks but can provide real-time results for bulk MX lookup for millions of domains. For more option on results you should check our subscription plans.

Reverse MX lookup is commonly lesser known than Reverse IP and Reverse Whois but it can be quite useful. Especially when other data is not available such as when IPs are hidden or Whois is private.

You may use Reverse MX to help you:

In order to satisfy your needs even better we will soon offer SPF records of existing domains. We can also conduct tailor-made searches with multiple filters. Feel free to contact us for more information!