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Trademark & Keyword search in all registered domains

Trademark Search

Over time we have managed to create one of world’s most extensive domain databases and enable our customers to make high quality trademark research for their businesses. The database covers all types of domain extensions and is ever growing.

As well as regularly upgrading our database of 280+ mln registered domains, we collect IP addresses, Whois records, MX and NS records. Soon we will also offer SPF records of registered domains and will provide a full collection of domain data to best suit your needs!

In order to get results remember that your keyword must be at least 5 symbols long. Shorter strings are also possible to research, but would require you to contact us first. In addition, we can also conduct tailor-made search with multiple filters..

The purpose behind this trademark search is to assist you in protecting your brand. Your brand domain is what makes you most visible to your visitors and attracts them to your business.

Apart from offering a wide range of business opportunities, Internet also hides the risk of cybersquatting (where a person can use a domain name with reputation from someone's trademark), online sales of counterfeit goods and other forms of abuse. Using our tool combined with Reverse Whois/IP lookup allows you to find all domains belonging to the same potential trademark infringer and prevent ongoins losses and reputation damage.

Using our trademark search tool you can also:

Keyword Search

*Keep in mind that you should type a word of five symbols as a minimum to get results.

Our keyword search tool is highly useful for:

Every domain name contains all the available data from our database - NS records, MX records, domain owner data, and A and AAAA records of IP addresses. It also displays the domains that are related to it by MX, IP or NS, which can be useful if you wish to find out or contact the domain owner. It can even be used for tracking different type of violations and frauds.

Feel free to contact us for a full list of results! Our database consists of more that 280 mln active and registered domains across all ccTLDs and gTLDs (including new gTLDs) having 99% coverage in gTLDs. The database is also refreshed every 2-3 weeks and offers the most up-to-date results.

It is also possible to make custom searches, such as using short strings (less than 5 symbols) and multiple filters. Contact us if you have a particular request!